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The BraapStik Land Paddle is more than a land paddle. It’s a performance land paddle. The Fiberglass spring attached to the handle provides stability, shock absorption, carving control, brakes and propulsion. With 3 different spring ratings being offered and an adjustable length handle that collapses to an amazing 30 inch size the BraapStik Land Paddle is a fit for anyone. Whether a beginner or experienced land paddler the BraapStik Land Paddle has something to offer you. Your next outing will never be the same and you will never use any other paddle once you get a chance to experience what the BraapStik has to offer.
Spring ratings are only a suggestion since all riders and riding styles are different: (for an aggressive rider you should add 30 lbs to your weight and get the spring that supports that.)


  1. Light: 80 – 180lbs
  2. Medium: 150 – 250lbs
  3. Heavy: 220 – 350lbs

  • Interchangeable fiberglass spring for different riding sizes and styles
  • Fully extended the pole is 6 feet yet collapses so nicely it fits in a backpack.
  • Braap Stik Land Paddle absorbs the shock of the road
  • Rubber foot on this land paddle are created to provide the best grip available.
  • Round ball handle much more ergonomic than the standard T-handle grip
  • The more you put into each push the more you get out of it.
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