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Uhu Cruiser

Uhu is our newest board. We wanted to do a cool cruiser but couldn’t do just a standard concave. The Uhu has tapercave. 1/2″ to 1/4″ nose to tail. More concave in the nose to help lock that front foot in and also makes it so wheel wells are not needed. Two cool print laminated […]




Tunnel Blackhart Model

  Back in the ‘70s, a skateboarder from Northern California was blazing new ground.  His name was Rick Blackhart, and he skated with reckless abandon and pure aggression. Tunnel’s Rick Blackhart didn’t ride any old decks.  He would design skateboards with his fellow Tunnel Team member Kevin “KT” Thatcher.  They would take solid alder, router […]




Screaming Mary

You want something big dropped and fast. Big wide bath tub concave with a little drop and dropped through. Super fun board. This board was designed by a couple friends that also have designed cars. This is a solid 9 ply maple deck. Length: 45″ Width: 10.25″ Wheelbase: 31″

Length: 45"

Width: 10.25"

Wheelbase: 31"

Bamboo Old School Dancer

This is the Bamboo version which includes wheel wells. Narrow 59″ deck for walking up and down the board, big style manuals and dancing. This decks was inspired by Adam Colton’s style. Absolutely classic style stripes. Length 59″ Width 8.5″ WB 42.5″




Komodo TT

Starting from the Komodo design, we took a slightly shorter version and made it symmetrical and with kicks! The Komodo TT. The kicks are perfectly designed to catch and scoop in manuals and maneuvering. A little faster flex and turn in this version with a shorter wheelbase. Length: 45″, Width:9″, Wheelbase:32″         […]

Length: 45"

Width: 9"

Wheelbase: 32"


Bamboo deck for carving, manuals and dancing. One of the classic boards designed with Adam Colton. This deck is made of bamboo with a birch core. We used bamboo on this deck for the great energy return! Feelin a live turn and ride. This is a great medium length board and beginner or advanced ability. […]

Length: 47.5"

Width: 9.25"

Wheelbase: 34"

Da Glide

Longboard in every sense of the word. Cruise, cross step, ride the nose and have a good time. A beefy and wide board with classic floral towards the nose and awesome LBL style stripes. Length: 59″ Width: 11″ Wheelbase: 44.75″  

Length: 59"

Width: 11"

Wheelbase: 44.75"

Kahakai Cruiser

Has concave and camber in the front end around your front foot. Bamboo for a little flex and a nice smooth ride. Big board, pintail shape. Top layer of bamboo and 12 plies birch. Length: 59″ Width: 9 1/2″ Wheelbase: 42″  

Length: 59"

Width: 9.5"

Wheelbase: 42"

56″ Cruiser

Is the ultimate cruiser it has camber, concave and the right amount of flex for snappy carves. This board has a nice smooth ride and enough control to walk nose hang ten, carve a hill or bomb it. Big board, Big style with a kick! It comes in 12 ply for rides up to 200 […]

Length: 56"

Width: 10.5"

Wheelbase: 39"


Flexy carve killer! 2 layers of bamboo and fiberglass make for a perfect bounce and light board. Camber and mellow kicktail and nose to work with the flex. Whether your headed across campus to class or off to the hills, the Salamander–or simply the Sally, as it’s lovingly known around here–delivers a fun, flexy ride […]

Length: 35"

Width: 9"

Wheelbase: 23"