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DK Penguin

Same awesome pockets as the Penguin but with Double Kicks.

The DK Penguin has lock your feet in pockets like the Penguin but a 2″ shorter platform and some amazing kicks. Has 5/8″ drop into the smooth spoon concave in the standing pocket. For a full yet subtle spoon effect, the board has the full 5/8″ drop then back up 1/8″ to the middle of the board all while cupped in the cave. Added kicks to take your freeriding and commuting ability to the next level.

We press this deck uniquely with a layer of fiberglass, bamboo and maple.

Stiff version for those bigger guys or doing bigger tricks.

$185.00 USD - DK

  • Price: $185.00 Quantity:
  • DK 8 ply maple
  • Add trucks?



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