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Tunnel Blackhart Model


Back in the ‘70s, a skateboarder from Northern California was blazing new ground.  His name was Rick Blackhart, and he skated with reckless abandon and pure aggression.

Tunnel’s Rick Blackhart didn’t ride any old decks.  He would design skateboards with his fellow Tunnel Team member Kevin “KT” Thatcher.  They would take solid alder, router out the sides, and build up a kicktail.  The result – the most beautiful skateboard ever created.  The Rick Blackhart Model.

These hand-hewn decks were put into production by Tunnel Products as the 8½” and 9½” Tunnel Rick Blackhart Models, and skaters around the world were able to ride the same chariot as Rick Blackhart.

After 35 years, Tunnel Products has come out with a limited series of hand-made, solid alder 8½” collectable reissues true to the original.

These are hand-made in the USA by another legend in the world of skateboarding, craftsman LongBoardLarry of Oregon.
Length 30.5” Width 8.5” Nose 3” Tail 5.5”


The colorways of the Blackhart reissues, that are stamped with a die showing the serial number, are named after the skate spots where Rick first skated each model.

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