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The Walkabout, Long Distance Pumper (LDP)

The Walkabout was designed with distant treks in mind, true to the aboriginal rite of passage. Imagine long distance pumping rides that will take you across cities, counties, states, deserts, and countries. Tune into your surroundings and lose yourself on the extra wide concave, with a slightly upturned nose that locks you into place as you move up and down the deck. On the Walkabout, your pumps require less effort and return more energy with the most high-tech composition LBL has created to date. A glass, birch, and carbon-fiber sandwich that’s ready to groove to the drone of the didgeridoo, and whatever other rhythms you’re ready to throw it’s way. Multiple rear truck holes allow you to further fine tune the flex.

Length: 41.5″
Width: 9.75″
Wheelbase: 27.5, 28.5, 29.5″

This is has been a project that I worked on with James Peters of www.pavedwave.org For more information on pumping techniques and set ups check out James site.

UPDATE. New version of the Walkabout has steeper nose and wheel flares to lock your front foot in for those hard driving pumps. Nothing worse that having your front foot drift forward and you lose some of that forward drive.

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