Emperor Penguin

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Emperor Penguin bottom graphic

Emperor Penguin

The new Emperor Penguin freeride. Maple and Bamboo combo with fiberglass bottom for strong and very vibrant feel compared to all maple decks. This new version has small kicks enough for everything with the right skill. And a new addition we offer it drop through or top mount. This is a project that we have been working on with team rider David Mitchell. The Emperor Penguin has 5/8″ drop into the smooth spoon concave in the standing pocket. For a full yet subtle spoon effect, the board has the full 5/8″ drop then back up 1/8″ to the middle of the board all while cupped in the cave.





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All of our boards are completely 100% customizeable. Want to change the color/graphic or slap something custom on? Not a problem. Want to create something totatlly different? We've got you covered. Contact us to get the ball rolling on a custom order!